Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're on the Web (outside of Blogger that is!!)

Well after a lot of work and some untold stress (I wear it well not a line on my face despite the fact I'm allergic to my €50 anti wrinkle cream) is on the web.

It hasn't been officially launched yet, Obama and Mary McAleese are trying to co-ordinate their schedules so they can both make it, I thought that was quiet nice of them although a little egotistical that they didn't ask me about my schedule and when it suits me, that's presidents for you!! I can't wait for the launch though I'll be wearing a ballgown at my desk, I'm sure it will give some elegance to my work!

Anyway today is a big day for another reason, I'm getting my left foot checked. It's been giving me hassle for the last year or so and I'm finally going to the specialist of specialists, the god of footly matters and he better sort it, I reckon I could buy a house in the recession for his fees! I hope their not going to cut it off again, it was painful enough the first time the combine harvester caught it in its clutches I can't imagine the surgeons knife would be any less so, just possibly a little neater.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Preserve your modesty! Streaker, the all American Sneaker

Hello again.
I'm very excited about this the second of my innovative design posts.

Some might say this is self promotion, not quite self promotion but what is the word they use when you promote a friend, nepotism, plagiarism....?? I'm sure it has to be one of the "isms"?

Anyway so after that big build up, here it is...

Streaker, the all American Sneaker

Streaker is a new brand of running shoe developed by my good friend John Popple (he is a colourful character to say the least and I'm privileged to count him as a friend, but I won't fill you in on that now). Johnny is Americas most prolific Streaker, he proudly boasts that he has never in his 100 streaks been caught. In fact he loves to tell the story off how he once ran 30 blocks in the soaring heat after another successful streak just to escape being apprehended by the "Cops" only to discover later the same night, that he had forgotten to put on sun cream and spent the next few days immersed in a bath of ice!.

He modestly puts his unnatural speed down to his faithful running shoes which have been on his feet for every one of his triumphs and so he has released this new runner as a tribute to them. Streaker was developed to mark Johnny's entry into the record books for his 100th successful streak, more than any other man or woman alive. A tongue in cheek marketing campaign and a very competitive price, retailing at $20, has made the runners a must have. They are flying off the shelves almost as fast as Johnny can fly across a pitch.

There are also plans in the pipeline to introduce his product to Europe so watch this space! You know where you heard it first...