Friday, May 14, 2010

Waterstones New Branding...

What is it they say, when it’s not broken don’t fix it!

I couldn’t believe when I saw this on Creative Review today (by the way I have a few posts last couple of days, you would think I wasn’t busy, funny thing is I am busier than I’ve been in a while, think it’s procrastination!) anyway back to Waterstones.

I don’t get it, their new branding is a modern version of the old and doesn’t fit their business at all. What happened to the old book shop aesthetic which the serif type fitted perfectly. The new “contemporary” style just doesn’t suit the business. I like to think of a book shop as a placed filled with dusty (I know they are not but it’s my imagination) books, wooden lob-sided shelves piled on top of lob-sided shelves and lots of hidden hollows where I can sit undisturbed and mull over a book, a book full of Times New Roman. This new look just doesn’t fit the dreamish qualities a book shop holds for a lover of books!

Anyway have a look above and decide for yourself, maybe I’m stuck in the bookshops of old!

Jeremy Geddes...

Really like this artists work. When I first saw it I couldn’t believe that these works were paintings but they are. He has an unbelievable drawing talent combined with a brilliant imagination, a lot of his stuff looks like surreal photographs.

Have a look at his website for more of his work.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Beautiful Brandon Boyd...

Just found this artists today and I love his work. His name in Brandon Boyd, I never heard of him before but after a little googling I found out he is the member of a band (pretty big one I think) in the States called Incubus (excuse me if I'm a bit slow on that, I'm trying hard to increase my musical knowledge, struggling through Tom Waits at the moment).

Anyway, I love his style really nice sketches, love the detail in his work, also he seems like a real relaxed character from his bio.

You can check him out here

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nestor in The Bernard Shaw...

Hi All, a good friend of mine (although Denise if you are reading this you know you're not really a good friend of mine but I have to say it for the purposes of this post, it'd look bad otherwise, you think?), anyway so yes, a good friend of mine Denise Nestor has been given her own solo exhibition in the Bernard Shaw in Dublin, it's opening tomorrow night and running for a month. Her stuff is brilliant, I have a piece and hope that in maybe 5/6 years it'll be worth millions and I can travel the world on an elephant all because of the girl in the rabbit ears.

So if anyone is around or will be around during the month of May, call by, I mean it when I say her stuff is brilliant, you can see for yourselves above, it's worth a look. She's going to be the next big thing, an Irish Warhol (she's even dying her hair platnium blonde and fashioning an American accent, she's not strange just a little unhinged, she's from Mayo!)