Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nestor in The Bernard Shaw...

Hi All, a good friend of mine (although Denise if you are reading this you know you're not really a good friend of mine but I have to say it for the purposes of this post, it'd look bad otherwise, you think?), anyway so yes, a good friend of mine Denise Nestor has been given her own solo exhibition in the Bernard Shaw in Dublin, it's opening tomorrow night and running for a month. Her stuff is brilliant, I have a piece and hope that in maybe 5/6 years it'll be worth millions and I can travel the world on an elephant all because of the girl in the rabbit ears.

So if anyone is around or will be around during the month of May, call by, I mean it when I say her stuff is brilliant, you can see for yourselves above, it's worth a look. She's going to be the next big thing, an Irish Warhol (she's even dying her hair platnium blonde and fashioning an American accent, she's not strange just a little unhinged, she's from Mayo!)


  1. You're right, these are pretty amazing! You look at it once and one aspect strikes you, and look at it again and its something else. Its a gift to be able to make the bizarre seem true to itself I think?
    Well, if she's from Mayo what else is there to say but she's a-mayo-nazing!!!

  2. Hi Heckety, ya her stuff is great she has a blog called "Trees for the Woods" where you can find all her latest stuff. I like it "a-mayo-zing" I'll have to find someway to seamless slot it into conversation, a show stopper I think!

  3. wow, guys, thank you! I don't know what the etiquette is in commenting on my own work, but I felt it would be impolite not to say thank you at least! I love the 'a-mayo-nazing' thing, that is going to catch on for sure because we are an amazing bunch us mayo folk :) Helena, I've just dyed my hair, you won't recognise me!!!! haha, see you later.

    Thanks ;)