Monday, November 30, 2009

Personalised Posters

Hi All,

I've done a few personalised posters for family and friends and have been asked a few times if I do them in general so I have had a think and decided that "yes I do." So if you would like to surprise someone you love or hate whichever I don't discriminate but I do rhyme (clearly) with a poster let me know and I'll give it a

You can contact me on
or visit for my number and give me a bell (literally I don't take cash)

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Touch of Vintage

I am currently working on a job that I decided, after some research, needed photography. So out came the camera. I blew the dust of the lens, screwed in the tripod and went all snap happy.

These are snippet of the results, pretty happy with them. Thinking of changing career to stylist/photographer!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Flying Postcards...Wherever you roam

Our posters and postcards have been flying out the door since inception, there is also a range of other cards in various stages of design, from in the head to on the page, I'll will upload any new items here so watch this virtual space!

Please contact me if you would like your limited (as print run is running out but if demand out ways supply they will obviously become less limited!) edition postcard or poster or both. Postcards €2/Posters €8

Rubbish almost top of the pile!!

Rubbish is now no.59 on the editors list!

The aim of the game is to get to the top 5 on the editors list and earn yourself a Harper Collins review or possible publication. The gold star gained for a top five finish is highly sought after and is a great marketing tool for your work so obviously I'd love to get one!

"A Load of Rubbish" has done way better than I ever imagined firstly taking the no.1 position on the weekly book list for a number of days when initially loaded up and now after only 2 months, climbing above approx 5000 books to be within grasp of the editors list.

So please if you know anyone or if you care to have a gawk yourself and maybe pass on a vote, click on this link!


New Work on Web

I have also uploaded new work onto my website, just clink on this link and MAGIC it'll take you there. Find your way to the ideas page and pop a few balloons, sounds like I'm going mad but no that is literally how you do it!

Enjoy the browse, ye nosy feckers!!

More of my Friends

Another job I've been working on for a while, these little lads are now my best friends. I don't get out much but when I do I bring them with me. They love heading to the pub but the ducks, especially the little ones, are light weights!

Work in Progress

Been little busy lately so blogging going a little lobsided!

Anyway here's a sneak at a work in progress and I'm particularly happy with this one. If I could type and pat myself on the back I would but I'd have to grow a third hand, don't get me wrong, I'm not defeatist I have tried but alas still no joy...

Anyway I'll enjoy, from me and my two hands!