Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flip's Off

My artwork for the Little Ghost gallery.

The show is based around toys of Christmas past. My piece is a set of five images which tell a little story. Have a look and see what you think.

Show open until Christmas Eve so head along and buy my beauty or any of the other little beauties hanging on the white walls!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little Ghost Gallery Opens...

Little Ghost Gallery Christmas exhibition is opening tomorrow night (11th of December) and you are all invited. I was up there this evening and the place is looking brilliant down to the hard work of Mick and Ann.

It is well worth the visit and will be open for the run up to Christmas. My little piece will be hanging on the wall so get there quick and nab "Flip's off" it'll be worth millions after I take a trip in a wooden box!!

For anyone in Kilkenny it's at the bottom of the hill that Canice's Tower sits on the top of (that make any sense) it's by the fireplace place, very easy to find but obviously hard to describe. You'd swear I wasn't born here. For anyone that's not from our glorious city ask for Joe's chipper walk up towards the church and you'll see it on the right hand side!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boland Solicitors goes live...

Kieran Boland Solicitors in Kilkenny asked me to design a simple website for them.

The key to the design was ease of use and simple navigation, they didn't want their clients getting lost in the jargon.

The site has recently been launched at www.bolandsolicitors.com

Monday, November 30, 2009

Personalised Posters

Hi All,

I've done a few personalised posters for family and friends and have been asked a few times if I do them in general so I have had a think and decided that "yes I do." So if you would like to surprise someone you love or hate whichever I don't discriminate but I do rhyme (clearly) with a poster let me know and I'll give it a go...so

You can contact me on helena@helddesign.ie
or visit helddesign.ie for my number and give me a bell (literally I don't take cash)

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Touch of Vintage

I am currently working on a job that I decided, after some research, needed photography. So out came the camera. I blew the dust of the lens, screwed in the tripod and went all snap happy.

These are snippet of the results, pretty happy with them. Thinking of changing career to stylist/photographer!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Flying Postcards...Wherever you roam

Our posters and postcards have been flying out the door since inception, there is also a range of other cards in various stages of design, from in the head to on the page, I'll will upload any new items here so watch this virtual space!

Please contact me if you would like your limited (as print run is running out but if demand out ways supply they will obviously become less limited!) edition postcard or poster or both. Postcards €2/Posters €8

Rubbish almost top of the pile!!

Rubbish is now no.59 on the editors list!

The aim of the game is to get to the top 5 on the editors list and earn yourself a Harper Collins review or possible publication. The gold star gained for a top five finish is highly sought after and is a great marketing tool for your work so obviously I'd love to get one!

"A Load of Rubbish" has done way better than I ever imagined firstly taking the no.1 position on the weekly book list for a number of days when initially loaded up and now after only 2 months, climbing above approx 5000 books to be within grasp of the editors list.

So please if you know anyone or if you care to have a gawk yourself and maybe pass on a vote, click on this link!


New Work on Web

I have also uploaded new work onto my website, just clink on this link and MAGIC it'll take you there. Find your way to the ideas page and pop a few balloons, sounds like I'm going mad but no that is literally how you do it!

Enjoy the browse, ye nosy feckers!!

More of my Friends

Another job I've been working on for a while, these little lads are now my best friends. I don't get out much but when I do I bring them with me. They love heading to the pub but the ducks, especially the little ones, are light weights!

Work in Progress

Been little busy lately so blogging going a little lobsided!

Anyway here's a sneak at a work in progress and I'm particularly happy with this one. If I could type and pat myself on the back I would but I'd have to grow a third hand, don't get me wrong, I'm not defeatist I have tried but alas still no joy...

Anyway I'll enjoy, from me and my two hands!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Load of Rubbish hits No.1

Just found out today my book "A Load of Rubbish" has hit the number 1 spot on Authonomy.com, the Harper Collins website.

Very excited!!

The Constant Knitter goes live!

I met Rosemary Murphy through a "Start your own business" course back at the beginning of the year.

On seeing my work Rosemary asked me to design her branding and website for her online wool company "The Constant Knitter" I have to say she was one of the easiest clients to work with, she wanted something different, a little quirky and the rest she left to me. Since then we have become good friends and I am pleased to announce that after months of work on the backend from KRO, her website The Constant Knitter.com has gone live.

Have a look and buy some wool. A knitting craze is sweeping the country, pick up those needles!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Authonomy me, please!

Just put my book "A Load of Rubbish" up onto Authonomy.com. Its a platform launched by Harper Collins to route out new work as it is so hard these days to get new writers published.

If anyone is a member please have a read of my book and add me to your shelf, only if you like the work of course.

Click here!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A day in the dump via my black ink pen...

Places my characters hang out/live...

1. "The Bread Bin Bar", having a little difficulty giving those characters expressions, again as below, a little help needed and all suggestions welcomed.

2. "The Red Light District" where all the tabloids and a few broadsheets hangout. "Nelsons" the hostel, a massive (in dump terms), but gentle mahogany door.

3. "The Couch" on Revolutionary Road, the student/rebel/hippy district of the dump.

A Load of Rubbish needs some help!

These are some sketches I've been working on based around one of my stories and I need a little help.

I am trying to animate characters from the dump but I want to do it without adding anything else to them. I want their faces, their human"ish" characteristics to be a part of what they would normally look like, I don't want them to look like an add on, hope I'm explaining myself. Anyway, this works with objects made from materials that will bend, as you can squish and squash mouths, eyes etc... into places they weren't meant to be, but when it comes to glass, wood (although can use the knots to some effect) and other solid materials it proves a bit of a problem.

Have a look at the drawings and see if they spark any inspirations...

Croc an Oir

An interesting weekend I have to say... my brain is a little fried, spent most of the time staring at my notebook, trying to think of mad stories to write about a dog with blue eyes.

"Croc an Oir" at the foot of Sliabh na mBan was the backdrop to my creative weekend, I and about 12 others attended a creative writing workshop with John MacKenna. I have to say I reckon there must be something in the water in Mullinahone as I can't remember the last time I laughed so much my eyes were leaking!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wherever You Roam...

Always Bring A Window From Home.

I ran around town on Friday frantically trying to organise printing, collection, laminating, hole punching and any number of other "ings" imaginable and all in name of a week dedicated to Art.

Friday night myself and a posse of merry friends went around our fair city (I know its debatable but we're a proud people!) fastening them to any available lampost, cable ties and all.

Saturday morning "Poof" they'd all vanished!

If anyone would like one let me know, I've decided to avoid lamposting for a while!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Computer, Irelands favourite apples

I know its been a while since I have blogged. Shame on me! But what can I say, this recession has me busy, now with a little respite I've had another look for more quirky companies and brands I can bring to your screens...

So bite into a "Computer"!

They are an Irish owned apple company making a few waves. A little dash of quirkiness has seen their brand sky rocket to the top of the league tables and they are now snapping at Granny Smiths ankles.

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Peetrol" The Recycling Revolution

Here it is folks, the answer to all our prayers. Forget global warming, forget the greenhouse effect and the depletion of our natural resources.

"Peetrol" is the brand name for a new eco car that is about to be unleased upon us. Japan are to the forefront of most technical revolutions and this case is no different. Millions has been poured into this prototype and experts expect the return to be 100 times that.

A car that runs solely on urine is no mean feat. Forget running out of petrol on the side of a cold, lonely road, forget watching the orange light burn a hole in your pupil as you sit hopelessly on the accelerator and will a petrol station to pop over the horizon. With "Peetrol" the new eco car, all you need is a bottle of water. Take a swig, sit back and wait and when your ready, fill her up.

Recycling has never been so cool, watch the world get back to nature!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What the hell do I know?

“Who are you to air this wordy rant,
These thoughts you intend to show,
A shaky soapbox your foundations,
What the hell do you know?”

My head is a muddle,
My thoughts slip slosh like out,
Onto this victim paper,
A cowards beastly shout.
They say one man can’t move a mountain,
And yet, we’re one man made,
Feeney reared young minds once wandered,
Gave this island back her scholars,
Put books in the heart of Munster,
Pumping silicone to shores once lonely,
The Party Public bathed in glory,
As the tiger licked her paws.

But as our scholars flourished,
Our saints backbones did bend,
Patrick rid this land of danger,
Yet there’s hissing in the house of Leinster,
Our eyes once squinted shut,
Blinded by the gleam of gold,
And now our magic money vanished,
Their camouflage grows old.

And we insist their friend not foe,
But what the hell do I know?

Its been swelling, and brewing and brooding,
The skin harbours buried blisters,
The under currents rife,
And still the sea just ripples,
Its ferocious power ponders,
On the realities of life.
We’re stealing from our children,
Wishing our elders to their grave,
Sucking life from the disadvantaged,
All hard pennies fought,
Grabbed back into burning pockets,
Of criminals not caught.
As our people cry themselves to sleep,
Inside walls they’ll never own,
As our pride is stomped by dirty boots,
Our confidence stripped bare,
They debate the blasphemous,
Outlaw the holy swear.

And now, our heads hang critically low,
But then again, what the hell do I know?

We once had pride,
And power,
And passion.
We relished in the craic,
The laugh,
And the skit,
We were a remarkable people,
Our generosity matched only by our wit.

Don’t let the politics break us,
Don’t let the spirits wane,
Let our voices speak volumes,
Let us march through the driving rain.
We are Irish, blood and bone,
Our love mapped in calloused hands,
Daily we face the savage seas wrath,
We can reclaim these lands.

And so my angers easing,
And I know what I have to show,
I know I love my country,
This is what I know.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Quote of the Day"

While watching Leinster beat Munster in an unbelievable match on Saturday, this little snippet flew over the airways via the referee...

"you two, keep your shoulders above your knees and stay close to your hookers..."

...quite brilliant I think!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're on the Web (outside of Blogger that is!!)

Well after a lot of work and some untold stress (I wear it well not a line on my face despite the fact I'm allergic to my €50 anti wrinkle cream) www.helddesign.ie is on the web.

It hasn't been officially launched yet, Obama and Mary McAleese are trying to co-ordinate their schedules so they can both make it, I thought that was quiet nice of them although a little egotistical that they didn't ask me about my schedule and when it suits me, that's presidents for you!! I can't wait for the launch though I'll be wearing a ballgown at my desk, I'm sure it will give some elegance to my work!

Anyway today is a big day for another reason, I'm getting my left foot checked. It's been giving me hassle for the last year or so and I'm finally going to the specialist of specialists, the god of footly matters and he better sort it, I reckon I could buy a house in the recession for his fees! I hope their not going to cut it off again, it was painful enough the first time the combine harvester caught it in its clutches I can't imagine the surgeons knife would be any less so, just possibly a little neater.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Preserve your modesty! Streaker, the all American Sneaker

Hello again.
I'm very excited about this the second of my innovative design posts.

Some might say this is self promotion, not quite self promotion but what is the word they use when you promote a friend, nepotism, plagiarism....?? I'm sure it has to be one of the "isms"?

Anyway so after that big build up, here it is...

Streaker, the all American Sneaker

Streaker is a new brand of running shoe developed by my good friend John Popple (he is a colourful character to say the least and I'm privileged to count him as a friend, but I won't fill you in on that now). Johnny is Americas most prolific Streaker, he proudly boasts that he has never in his 100 streaks been caught. In fact he loves to tell the story off how he once ran 30 blocks in the soaring heat after another successful streak just to escape being apprehended by the "Cops" only to discover later the same night, that he had forgotten to put on sun cream and spent the next few days immersed in a bath of ice!.

He modestly puts his unnatural speed down to his faithful running shoes which have been on his feet for every one of his triumphs and so he has released this new runner as a tribute to them. Streaker was developed to mark Johnny's entry into the record books for his 100th successful streak, more than any other man or woman alive. A tongue in cheek marketing campaign and a very competitive price, retailing at $20, has made the runners a must have. They are flying off the shelves almost as fast as Johnny can fly across a pitch.

There are also plans in the pipeline to introduce his product to Europe so watch this space! You know where you heard it first...

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Dolly Brolly

Hello again!

I have trawled the Internet and numerous design magazines for this, the first of my trend spotting/innovative design posts. This is a good one as it should be, being the first, its usefulness will not be left wanting in this country of ours, known for its glorious weather!!

The Dolley Brolly is one of a number of designs from the design powerhouse that is Helen Haileyway. A genius of our time, her designs are not only desirable in appearance but they almost always become design classics and must haves for today's modern lady.

The Dolley Brolly's sleek and sophisticated appearance hides its tech savvy core extremely effectively. On a sunny day the Brolly poses as a simple yet stylish hair clip available in a range of bright colours but wait for its genius! Upon sensing rain, it extends into a functional umbrella while amazingly, still holding its stylish appearance.

Already available in the States, Helen promises it will be hitting our shores in early 2009.

Ladies we will never have a bad hair day again!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Athletes Foot

I'm getting better at this now. I've figured out how to add another blog and that means I can now tell you all about me.

So, I won't tell you my name because this is the Internet and there's a lot of weirdos on it (I'm not trying to offend anyone here but you know what I mean!). Anyway I'll give you my nick name it's Athletes Foot and I'm not called that for the obvious reason but I bet you won't believe it if I tell you why I've been given that name...

Here it goes

There is no point beating around the bush you'll either believe it or you won't and it doesn't matter as I'm the only one who has to live with it! When I was younger, well I should be more specific I suppose. When I was six, I was like every other young one in my village, out playing in the fields. It was summer and the sun was shining because it did that back then, and I was lying with my friend in the corn. The sky was a lovely blue, a bright, bright blue, like the Mediterranean sea though obviously in the sky. If you could put the sea in the sky that's what it was like and the corn was a golden yellow, a happy yellow, the kind of yellow that puts a smile on your face.

So because of the yellow and the blue and the heat and the soft breeze that brushed through the corn and the general relaxed and happy feeling you only get in the summer, I fell asleep and because of my snoring and general boredom my friend ran away and because my friend ran away there was no one there to wake me when the combine harvester came plodding by and because there was no one there to wake me the first I knew of the combine harvester was the sharp, searing and generally otherworldly pain that ripped up my leg and caused my mouth to release a scream never heard before or since in that field in summer.

So to cut things short, I lost my foot to the harvesters jaw but as coincidence would have it, on that very day I lost my foot, a local world renowned plastic surgeon was home visiting his family
and heard of my plight...

When I woke three days later in my hospital bed, I had one normal foot and one extremely large, quiet out of proportion to my body, foot. A tragic accident had befallen a local family and they had lost their son, a scholarship athlete, an 800 metre wonder. The surgeon had performed a revolutionary operation and I had a foot I'd grow into.

So whether you believe it or not, that is the story of where I got my nickname, why I won every hop scotch competition I ever entered and why I have to shave my foot so it looks good in heels!

And what has this to do with design, well nothing really except this accident gave me a new passion, some might call it an obsession, to seek out the new, radical and sometimes unbelievable things that are invented everyday in this world of ours and I will bring them to you through the platform of blogging...


Hello and welcome to my site, well I mean my bosses site, but she's put me in charge so to all extensive purposes its my site!

What will I say, this is my first time to use a blog and I'm not sure what I am doing but maybe I will start with introducing myself...

No actually rethinking that, first I better talk about my boss and this company because that's what this site is supposed to be about. I'll tell you about me later (It's much more interesting). So I work for a company called HelD. It's a design agency based in Ireland and we do everything, design wise that is! Anyway we specialise in innovative design, I've been told to say that but what it really breaks down to is that we love ideas, all sorts of ideas and our favourite part of the job (well my favourite part at least) is sitting down and trying to come up with the maddest (and obviously the best) idea I can and then selling it to the client, its especilly good when they get as excited as I do about it!

So anyway have a look at our website helddesign.ie and you'll see what I mean.