Monday, March 23, 2009

The Dolly Brolly

Hello again!

I have trawled the Internet and numerous design magazines for this, the first of my trend spotting/innovative design posts. This is a good one as it should be, being the first, its usefulness will not be left wanting in this country of ours, known for its glorious weather!!

The Dolley Brolly is one of a number of designs from the design powerhouse that is Helen Haileyway. A genius of our time, her designs are not only desirable in appearance but they almost always become design classics and must haves for today's modern lady.

The Dolley Brolly's sleek and sophisticated appearance hides its tech savvy core extremely effectively. On a sunny day the Brolly poses as a simple yet stylish hair clip available in a range of bright colours but wait for its genius! Upon sensing rain, it extends into a functional umbrella while amazingly, still holding its stylish appearance.

Already available in the States, Helen promises it will be hitting our shores in early 2009.

Ladies we will never have a bad hair day again!!

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