Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Beautiful Brandon Boyd...

Just found this artists today and I love his work. His name in Brandon Boyd, I never heard of him before but after a little googling I found out he is the member of a band (pretty big one I think) in the States called Incubus (excuse me if I'm a bit slow on that, I'm trying hard to increase my musical knowledge, struggling through Tom Waits at the moment).

Anyway, I love his style really nice sketches, love the detail in his work, also he seems like a real relaxed character from his bio.

You can check him out here


  1. oh Helena! Struggling through Tom Waits! That could be dangerous...make sure to have lots of breaks, and drink loads of water! If the pain gets too much, I'd prescribe a small dose of Wham!

  2. Thanks Niamh, have Wham on prescription!