Monday, March 15, 2010

A Load of Rubbish, No.4 on

Hi All,

"A Load of Rubbish" (yes I know this name can cause confusion but that's what it's called) is now no.4 on, its a site run by Harper Collins to spot new writing talent. Anyway if I stay in this position until the end of the month, my story gets passed onto the editors in Harper Collins and they review it. It's not a definite nod to publication but it's step in the right direction and has helped a lot of authors get launched.

Please click here
You'll see it sitting there no. 4 on the "Editors Desk", click on the book and you'll be lead into the blurb, click read the book button on the right and you can have a read.

If you like it, I'd really appreciate a backing, this involves registering with the site. I've blogged on exactly how to do it on one of my recent blogs here

Anyway thanks to everyone who has already,

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  1. number 4?!! Thats fantastic helena! So exciting :)