Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bendy Necks and Pillow Fighting Knights...

Saw these two pieces of work over the last few days. Both oils on canvas I think.

I love the humour and thinking behind Gideon's work, the two pillow fighting knights. I wonder if they ever won the hand of a fair maiden. I mean a muscular man with a horse and a lance is a much more enticing than two sissy's armed with pillows but then again there is a lot to be said for the "peace not war" attitude, even at the round table.

Titus work is one of those pieces you could get lost in. I'd love to put it on my wall and stare for a while (at it, not into space) the more I look at it the more I discover. It's a bit like a maze, I love when I have to wrap my head around something, although it can be pretty painful, even with a bendy neck!


  1. I like the pillow knights-just surreal!

  2. I know Heckety they're pretty cool would love to have them on my wall!

  3. I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................