Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sweets for my sweet (tooth)...

Some nice little design bits I picked up along the road.

PECADOS is a sweet shop in Santiago de Compostela. The walls of the shop were lined with boxes of coloured sugar and cakes made from marshmallow and fizzy jellies sat on tables down the center. I felt like I had won a ticket to Willy Wonka’s. The rainbow branding, which really caught the eye among the shop fronts of stone, ran through the whole shop even as far as the little cups which were used instead of plastic bags. I loved the design so much I had to take a few pictures and post them up.

The sweets were nice too though!!

The colouring pencils I thought were a nice little touch from Renfe, which is the Spanish train system. I love the way the picture was printed across all the pencils and I have to look into prices for getting this done here, it’s a really nice effect. It also is a nice little idea for parents and kids to stop boredom on train journeys. I have them sitting on the shelf here though, the poor pencils are probably dying for a work out, a bit of colouring in to sooth the soul but they are too nice to use I think!!

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