Friday, February 26, 2010

Antartica in a bag

Here's some picture I found from architect Francois Delfosse. He's recreated a glacier environment using plastic bags, genius! I may try it myself.


  1. Extraordinary, makes me feel like a child again :)
    Though I can only imagine the suffocating smell...

  2. I went to see Comrade Couture last night at the Glasgow Film Festival. It was about fashion in East Berlin pre-1989. They created their couture collections using plastic bags, shower curtains and the linings from sanitary products. Maybe you'd like to look give that a try too?

  3. What a work ! Thanks for this pictures. Would you accept to send me the last picture in higher quality ? I would make a draw with it... Bye

  4. Sounds cool Orla I will look that up, not sure about a dress from sanitary products though, seems wrong somehow!!

    If I had a pic in high res I'd send it to you Germain but they are not my images. They are from a french architect called Francois Delfosse, I can't find any contact details for him but you might have a better chance.