Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Craic we have...

Here’s some images of a job I am currently working on…

I’ve been hanging around with scalpel, ruler, sugar paper, sticky squares and prit stick for the past few days now and they’re great craic.

The truth is we actually have a history together, go way back. I was good friends with them for a while in playschool (except for scalpel of course, he was part of the cool crew, way too grown up for us). We fell out for a bit, I’m not sure what happened, but made up again in college and had a good few years of fun and frollicks. Then I don’t know we just drifted apart, except for the ruler we’ve always kept close contact, then a while back we all met up on a whim for a few drinks (scalpel is a little dangerous when he’s full) and that was it.

We’ve come full circle and are really enjoying our time together, creating and having fun. Who knows what the future holds for us but for the time being the crew have taken up refuge in my office. Had a bit of a panic last week, thought we had lost prit stick, her cap fell off and she was drying quick fast, but thanks to the clever thinking of sugar paper, a new cap was fastened and prit stick is back to her usual self. Phew!

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