Monday, November 15, 2010

The Son of...

I’m working on a piece at the moment which is in a small way inspired by “The Son of Man” a painting by Magritte. The painting is a self portrait, which I think is great, I’d love to meet a man with an apple for a face. I think we’d become firm friends, he’d be great to have around if a little peekish. Anyway, so my work is inspired by the painting and by the idea behind it, it is based around a conflict between the present that is hidden and the present that is visible, also note his partly revealed right eye (just noticed my mistake it’s the left eye actually just looks like the right one), ummm more food for thought.

Anyway I have posted the painting above. I just noticed this bit of a blog makes me sound quite profound, a little deep and an expert in the field of arts, off course all of these things are completely true of my character, I’m extremely deep especially when asleep.

Here’s a little more of Magritte.

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